Roy Pomerantz: Member of the Juggling Information Service

Roy Pomerantz is a talented juggler and a member of the Juggling Information Service (JIS), an online resource for the world’s juggling community. The JIS connects all of the juggling-related resources and information you can find on the Internet. The editing staff of this service is always looking for more information, tips, and competition details so that the juggling community can learn from itself and help more people become better jugglers. Pomerantz has been a juggler since his college days, when he started a juggling club on campus that became very popular with many of the students.

Roy Pomerantz offers advice and tips for new and veteran jugglers on the JIS. He has many years of experience juggling and loves to show off with his skills by putting on clinics for younger jugglers and at special events. Pomerantz is also a business executive by day and practices his juggling skills by night. Moonlighting as a professional juggler isn’t easy, but Pomerantz loves to put smiles on children’s faces with his feats of exquisite skill and agility. It took him some time to master the techniques of juggling four and five balls at a time, but now that he has the skills to perform, he uses his membership in the JIS to spread that knowledge and skill to new jugglers.

Roy Pomerantz is always looking for new opportunities to connect with current and would-be jugglers to inspire them and perhaps even get inspired by them. He is committed to creating a better and bigger juggling community.

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Roy Pomerantz – Improving Your Juggling Technique

Roy Pomerantz knows that anyone can learn how to juggle with a small amount of dedication and commitment. However, pushing through to the next level to perform really incredible tricks takes more time and practice. While juggling is a great way to relax and exercise, those who are looking for a more serious career should consider taking the following steps:

  • Find or build a community. Connect with other jugglers so that you can continue to learn and share new techniques and grow in your skills. There are many online juggling groups that you can communicate with across the globe.
  • Set realistic short-term and long-term goals to keep yourself on track. Depending on your skill level, perhaps you’d like to master one new trick per week or month. Develop an idea of where you’d like to be in a year or two and take deliberate steps forward to ensure that you can reach each goal. Keep an accountability partner who can check in with you to ensure that you are moving ahead in a meaningful way.
  • Go to performances often to see what other people are doing. See as many professional jugglers as you possibly can and look for opportunities to improve and innovate in your own acts. It’s important to stay up to date and be aware of what is currently happening in the community.
  • Implement new props into your practice and introduce new manipulations regularly.

Pomerantz is a professional juggler who founded the Columbia University Juggling Club. He was also a featured performer at the halftime shows for the CU football and basketball games.


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