Roy Pomerantz: Three Tips for Better Juggling

Roy Pomerantz is an experienced juggler and businessman. He balances out his serious business dealings and work with juggling for special events as a member of the Juggling Information Service, which preaches juggling tips and information for festivals and other events for the international juggling community. Here are three tips for better juggling and more fun-having:

•    Get comfortable with your balls. Roy Pomerantz took several years to get the touch of the ball down enough to control them in the air. Practicing with three balls and getting them to do what you want with your tosses is the best way to get comfortable juggling three balls at once.

•    Start slow. Even the best jugglers started with one ball. That’s right, tossing one ball back and forth from one hand to the other is the best way to learn how to juggle. You have to walk before you run. Pay attention to the ball’s arc in the air and try to get it to land softly in the palm of your hand without moving your hands.

•    Move on to two balls. Once you have watched the single ball go back and forth in your hands, it’s time to move on to two balls. The key is to toss the first ball just like you did when you were practicing with one ball. When it reaches its maximum height, toss the second ball.

Roy Pomerantz loves to practice and show others how to be as skilled of a juggler as he is.

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Author: roypomerantz

Roy Pomerantz juggles to entertain others and as a form of meditation. He believes that juggling spreads joy to others just like it has made him happy throughout his life. He juggles for both business and pleasure, while also performing for charities.