Roy Pomerantz – Practice, Practice, Practice

Throughout his juggling career, Roy Pomerantz has performed in hundreds of venues across the world. Carlo’s The Juggling Book left a lasting impression on Pomerantz as a child, inspiring him to manipulate objects in unique and exciting ways. He felt The Juggling Book taught him to think outside juggling’s traditional realms of contemplation, and his insights motivated him to become a professional. Years later, Pomerantz is recognized as a leader of his art form. He believes practice, practice, practice is the only way to ever ascend rank and juggle at the professional level.

As a seasoned performer, Pomerantz is privy to the essential elements of a top-notch juggling act that draws in audience members and keeps them entertained. You should employ the proper footwork to maintain your balance and grace since most of your senses’ focus will be on juggling. That’s why it’s important to walk around during your practice sessions. Try to draw a circle or other shape while juggling so when you’re performing later, muscle memory traces these shapes and no extra energy is expended worrying about footwork. If you want, have a helper or partner create obstacles that resemble real-life scenarios since the unpredictable can happen at any moment when performing your act. Implore your helper to kick soccer balls in your direction so you can get used to working around distractions.

Roy Pomerantz is a well-known American juggler. In order to be a professional juggler, you must push your limits and practice, practice, practice.

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Author: roypomerantz

Roy Pomerantz juggles to entertain others and as a form of meditation. He believes that juggling spreads joy to others just like it has made him happy throughout his life. He juggles for both business and pleasure, while also performing for charities.