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Roy Pomerantz is an American juggler. His natural talent and dedication to the art is impressive and laudable, which is why Pomerantz has performed live on Good Morning America and CBS Nightly News. He’s been featured in the New York Times as well. His inimitable commitment and skill in addition to a rigorous training schedule propelled Pomerantz to the top. If you enjoy juggling and perhaps are interested in performing for an audience, here’s a few tips that will help build your talent and formulate your juggling act.

Start small. Juggling requires hundreds of practice hours before ascending to even the beginner level, so both training smart and being patient is key. In other words, don’t start with knives. Start with two small, soft objects instead, and be sure they conform in shape and weight. You don’t need to juggle oranges or baseballs per say, but three balls of similar dimensions is a solid way to start.

Once you are able to confidently juggle three objects for at least a minute, try to widen your skill set by adding in objects with different weights, shapes and other variables, like always catching a bowling pin by its most narrow part. Working with a variety of weights and dimensions affords you the privilege of versatility, which will eventually help you edge out the competition. If and when you are comfortable juggling any three objects, try taking on four or even five objects. Pomerantz encourages you to not fear the risk and remember your training when going beyond three. By the time you’re juggling four objects of dissimilar shapes and heaviness, then you’re well on your way to becoming a professional juggler.

Now, it’s time to implement other variables into your act. Because you want to stand out, right? When someone is hiring a professional juggler, he or she is looking for that “Wow” factor. It’s essential you figure out your “Wow” factor before advertising your schtick. What makes you different?

You could juggle while performing a dance routine or riding a unicycle. You could wear a blindfold or don a boa constrictor around your neck. Don’t hesitate to alter the stage’s set-up or dimensions while you formulate your juggling act either. Think outside the box. Take chances. Consider how you’re relaying the emotion and entertainment of your act to audience members and then maximize your strong suits, leaving behind anything less than exceptional. Roy Pomerantz is known for his imaginative acts, pushing his limits every time. A creative costume always enhances an act, too. Don’t feel limited to a suit or dress, or even a mask. You can get creative with make-up, footwear and wardrobe to create an on-stage identity that is purely awesome and purely you.

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Author: roypomerantz

Roy Pomerantz juggles to entertain others and as a form of meditation. He believes that juggling spreads joy to others just like it has made him happy throughout his life. He juggles for both business and pleasure, while also performing for charities.