Roy Pomerantz – Practicing With a Coach

Roy Pomerantz is a professional juggler who became known for his art form through creating a unique and dazzling act that left spectators with something to talk about. But what went on behind the scenes was thousands of hours of rigorous practicing, some of which was done alone, some with a friend and some with a quality coach. Having a coach is the most beneficial of all, as it has been proven numerous times that coaches push the progress of their subject. Below are some ways in which having a coach can be beneficial.

Having Professional Guidance

It is always good to have an extra pair of eyes to evaluate your performance and provide helpful feedback.

Having a Trained Safety Aid

Most coaches have seen the injuries most related to your activity occur, and therefore would be more qualified to provide basic care or even attention until medics arrive. A coach will also help you keep calm during an emergency. Roy Pomerantz has benefitted greatly through practicing with coaches.


Author: roypomerantz

Roy Pomerantz juggles to entertain others and as a form of meditation. He believes that juggling spreads joy to others just like it has made him happy throughout his life. He juggles for both business and pleasure, while also performing for charities.