On Being a CEO

Being the Chief Executive Officer for a company is not easy. Your responsibilities typically include maximizing the value of the entity, which is what Roy Pomerantz has been doing as the CEO for Baby King and Pet King Inc. Both brands have become household names for safe, high-quality and reliable baby and pet products.

CEO’s come in all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and nationalities. It is safe to say that no two CEO’s are alike. According to Forbes.com, the traits all CEO’s should attempt to cultivate:

See a positive future for the company and work towards it.

Recruit great talent and put together a skilled team to work with you to share the best your company has to offer.

Lead from the front and motivate the team.

Plan and execute on time at a tactical level with efficiency.

Work with limited resources and not succumb to distraction.

Know when it is time to shift gears.

Listen intently to many different points of view.

Think of the big picture.

Balance vision and execution.

Convince others to back them so that the company envisioned and desired can come to fruition.

Following these guidelines will not only make you a successful CEO, but also a well-rounded business professional who can be of use in a wide variety of industries.

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The Spirit of Juggling

In an article published by a major newspaper, Roy Pomerantz once said that juggling requires “enormous athleticism, artistic ability and perseverance.” Below is an expansion of the descriptions of those qualities and how they relate to juggling.


Athleticism is best determined by the body’s physiology and its ability to perform well in sports. Juggling requires enormous amounts of athleticism because it requires constant movement by multiple muscle groups. With the audience comes the added pressure of performing in front of a crowd. Competitive athletes can relate to these pressures.

Artistic Ability

Simply juggling the same amount of items over and over again can get monotonous for an audience. Jugglers need to implement their artistic abilities in order to spice things up. Sometimes, this is accomplished through the way that juggler dresses or presents him or herself. In other cases, it shows in the creativity of their juggling moves, and their ability to manipulate a variety of different objects to keep the crowd stimulated.


Juggling can be a fun thing for anyone to try when goofing off but when it comes to being a professional, enormous perseverance is required. Serious jugglers must continue to juggle throughout all of the doubt and failures, and practice hours each day while not getting frustrated by slow progress.

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