Roy Pomerantz – Juggling is Good for You

Juggling, believe it or not, can be an extremely healthy and beneficial activity, one that can be of great benefit to the individual’s physical, mental and emotional health. As experienced juggler Roy Pomerantz knows, the act of juggling can be an incredible way to relieve stress, improve one’s ability to both focus and concentrate, and to keep oneself physically active, fit and in shape.

As Roy Pomerantz knows, juggling is much more than the chance to perform, it is also a great opportunity to exercise, have fun and regain mental focus and clarity. Below, Pomerantz provides several of the amazing benefits one may receive through the enjoyable, highly rewarding sport of juggling.

An Increase in Brain Size

A recent study, like it or not, has proven juggling to actually lead to an increase in brain matter, particularly in the areas of the brain that are used in perception and visual motion memory. This incredible find lends itself to the notion that juggling may actually improve the brain’s ability to perceive, store and remember motion and pattern recognition.

Improved Ability to Learn

There are many classrooms across the country, as Roy Pomerantz knows, that take timeouts during class to allow their students to juggle, an exercise many educators believe to be extremely beneficial in helping to restore focus, concentration and clarity to their young pupils. While no definitive proof exists as to this phenomenon, many continue to believe in juggling’s power to improve awareness and comprehension.

Better Physical Fitness

As Pomerantz knows, it’s difficult to get bored with the act of juggling, which can be a great way to exercise and stay physically fit.

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Author: roypomerantz

Roy Pomerantz juggles to entertain others and as a form of meditation. He believes that juggling spreads joy to others just like it has made him happy throughout his life. He juggles for both business and pleasure, while also performing for charities.